30 minute documentary looking at the causes and effects of US high school shootings.

Production Company - Black Leaf Films
First Broadcast - Al Jazeera English
Director - Ladan Anoushfar
Editor - Oliver Bloor

Lucozade Sport


Commercial for Lucozade, comedy sketch featuring Harry Kane.

Agency  - Analogue Folk
Director - Ben Tonge
DOP - Ben Lightening
Editor - Oliver Bloor


Seven Stars Railway


A journey on Japans most luxurious sleeper train, the 'Cruise Train Seven Stars' with it's designer Eiji Mitooka.

Production Company - CNN
Camera - Jenny Marc & Stephy Chung
Editor - Oliver Bloor




Documentary directed by Dave Meyers following Korean singer CL as she releases her debut Western album.

Production Company - CNN
Director - Dave Meyers
Editor - Oliver Bloor




Short video for Great Big Story about the Knowledge, the toughest taxi test in the world that every London cabbie has to take.

Production Company - Great Big Story
Producer - Austin Brown
Editor - Oliver Bloor

Walkers Max Tasty

Instagram content promoting the Walkers Max Strong range for Walkers Crisps.

Agency - Analogue Folk
Director - Ben Reed
Editor - Oliver Bloor

The Adorned


A six-part series following people with extraordinary style.

Production Company - CNN
Director - Temujin Doran
Camera - Temujin Doran & Ed Scott-Clarke
Editor - Oliver Bloor

Link to full series -

IHG Rewards club


Commercial for IHG Rewards Club, comedy sketch directed by David Schneider.

Agency - That Lot
Production Company - Jordan Stokes Production
Director - David Schneider
Editor - Oliver Bloor




Showcasing WorldBeing, wearable and app developed by Layer Design that enables you to track your daily carbon footprint.

Agency - Layer Design
Director/Producer - Oliver Bloor
DOP - Jack Harrison
Editor - Oliver Bloor



Short documentary profiling the SXSW social media team and development of social media at the festival.

Agency - Hootsuite
Production Comapny - The Whealhouse
Director - Evan Aagaard
Editor - Oliver Bloor


The Plastic Age (Trailer)


Documentary looking at how G-Star RAW are pioneering the use Ocean Plastics within their garments.

Agency - i-D
Production Company - ALLDAYEVERYDAY
Director - Jake Sumner
DOP - Austin Cary Rhodes
Editor (Trailer) - Oliver Bloor


The Sanctions Hotel


Feature documentary following the building of The Ameriha hotel Iran, it's impact on the town and peoples attitudes towards preservation.

Shortlisted - 2017 Foreign Press Association Award - Arts & Culture Story of the Year.

Production Company - Ariana Films
First Broadcast - Al Jazeera English
Director - Ladan Anoushfar
Editor - Oliver Bloor